Men's and Mixed Championships 2020/21

SINGLESRon EltonCalvin Connell
PAIRSColin Smith (s)
Ron Elton
Joe Cilauro (s)
Gary Williams
TRIPLESKen Perkins (s)
Richard Hutton
Joe Wieland
Colin Smith (s)
Brian Findlay
Trevor Martin
FOURSPeter Hardy (s)
Ron Unthank
Trevor Martin
Steve Piper
Chris Grimsey (s)
Laurie Etherton
Gary Williams
Joe Wieland
MIXED PAIRSSimon Kiss (s)
Elise Kiss
Kevin Savage (s)
Elizabeth Plum
MIXED FOURSDavid McGrath (s)
Rhonda Sadovsky
Pat Smith
Stan Irvine
Ivan Thompson (s)
Ron Elton
Lyn Wellington
Judi Clementson
100 UPChris GrimseyBrian Findlay

Ladies' Club Championships 2020/21

SINGLESColleen SuchRhonda Sadovsky
100 UPRhonda SadovskyFaye Thompson
PAIRSMarge Nathan (s)
Elizabeth Plum
Shirley Etherton (s)
Wilma Fowden
TRIPLESJudy Beesley (s)
Jan Philp
Joan Oliver
Maz Rappell (s)
Wilma Fowden
Shirley Etherton
FOURSColleen Such (s)
Ros Bird
Lori Smith
Sandy McDonald
Marge Nathan (s)
Pam McCloy
Liz Lawrence
Cecilia Stewart
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